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Weekly dating ready to reward partners with 10% from all membership plans.
The plans prices between 12$ / month to 180$ / life time.
Weekly dating affiliate program provides for lifetime paid (10%) from purchases by referrals.
* the referral - every one entered to weekly dating site first time from affiliate partner link.
partner name automatic related to referral and saved to lifetime.
* lifetime referral paid - referral can purchase membership more one time.
partner receive 10% from every purchase by referral.

If you have large traffic site, you can contact to get more percentage.
If you want start automatic affiliate business, weekly dating suggest invest to advertising.
- You can invest from 10$ / month and get more percentage.
- 1% affiliate paid = 1$ invest up to 45% affiliate paid.
- Weekly dating advert you affiliate link in advertise platforms.
- You will be given a report in which advertising your funds were invested.
- Every related referral from your advertise link be lifetime referral paid.
^ Even in a short period with invest 45$ / month, partner can get hold of some referral
  to be purchase  memberships for a long time, even after that parner does not continue to invest.
^ Today weekly dating have lifetime membership plan for 180$. Invested 45$ or more partner can receive 
  45% and this 81$ to private wallet, however, this package can be canceled in 2021 year.
>>> Start advertise with 10%-45% paid
New: >>> Order Affiliate landing and get 50% affiliate paid
Weekly dating interested in promoting the site and are willing to regard partners
for the contribution of time and money.


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